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  1. Design and Development of Rubber Moulded Components for Reputed Customers along with Rubber Injection Moulding Machinery and Rubber Injection, Compression and Transfer Moulds
  2. Design and Development of Gerotors and related spares for Hydrostatic Units, used in power steerings calling for an accuracy range within 5 microns.
  3. Design and Development and manufacture of Assembly Stations, with ergonomical features used in integration of automotive units. (System Integration Solutions)
  4. Design and Development of Positioning Systems of components for welding and machining favoring repeatability and accuracy. (Special Purpose Machinery)
  5. Design and Development of Component Assembling Systems with automated lubricating systems. (Clipping Machines, Grease Dispensers, Flaring Machines, Cropping Tools, Punching Tools, Pressing and Assembling Systems etc.)
  6. Design and Development of Productivity Solutions (Nut Runners, Grinding Mandrels, Jigs and Fixtures, Multi Head Drilling Spindles, Offset Axis Machining Attachments, Collapsible Collets and Expandable Collets)
  7. Design and Development of Press Tools, Plastic Injection Moulds, Die Casting Dies, Inspection Gages, Position Gages and Automation Support for Handling Heavy Components needed to be inspected.
  8. Solutions in Material Handling Systems, Conveyor Arrangements and Design with Automation.
  9. Development of manufacturing and production setup for various engineering components used in automotive and automobile industry, to facilitate sample production, batch production and mass production.
  10. Customised Design Solutions, Drawings and Concepts, with advanced software facilities in the field of engineering, process and automobile industry.
  11. Design and Development of Retrofittings to existing machinery and Low Cost Automations. (LCA)
  12. Design and Development and Manufacture of custom made Electromagnets for lifting of Special Surface Features of weight upto 50+ KGs.

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